Inherent Intelligence – What Does it Say About Us?

Inherent Intelligence – What Does it Say About Us?

Our environment is Intelligent and what this Reveals about our Reality is Stunning

Intelligence is inherently granted to all lifeforms. Not intelligence in the sense of book smart or intellectual capacity, but in being able to regenerate, grow, and stabilize. Our human bodies are incredibly complex, fighting off invaders, regenerating tissue, extracting nutrients to help the body flourish, maintaining homeostasis and much more.

You don’t have to be aware at all about how it works, and it requires no effort to activate. This understanding highlights a great awareness of our  existing position.

What Existence Means

Inherently in order for there to be any growth, there has to be stable conditions and potential in the initial seed.

A way to picture our intelligence stems from looking at agriculture. A seed has to have the right environment, and naturally, this seed has to have the potential for growth. Our ability to take advantage of consciousness and all types of complex systems showcases the fact that whatever source exists, we are a product of great intelligence. Scientists believe that a single celled organism began all of life, and that the odds of this happening are astronomical.

Our intelligence isn’t random and made from nothing, there had to be intelligence in the source. Now describing the source is impossible, but we do know that we come from the same building blocks of the universe. Most of it from the center of the galaxy.

At this point it may become natural for humans to assume that there must be an architect, someone manning the power. But then of course, the natural question comes up, what made the intelligence? Well if you ask this the rebuttal may be, “it always was”. However, this argument can also be used to show that there doesn’t have to be a creator.

Fundamentally this line of thinking cannot be proven or disproved. All we can say for certain is that it’s an interesting thought experiment.

What we can say comes from what is known as:

 Pratītyasamutpāda – Sanskrit translation is roughly dependent rising, or mutually arising. There are no separate events.

What of It- Does it Matter if We’re Connected to the Universe?

In a way, it can be said that the universe is becoming self-aware, since we are made up of the building blocks of the universe. Ultimately we don’t know if there is a purpose to to life, some may assign this line of thinking assuming we are in a uncaring, unfeeling, and random universe can be frightening to some.  However, different belief structures have a reasoning for existence which is fascinating to examine.

In the Hindu belief system, achieving moksha or enlightenment is the ultimate goal.

Moksha – To be liberated, free

Beyond caste, creed, family or lineage,
That which is without name and form, beyond merit and demerit,
That which is beyond space, time and sense-objects,
You are that, God himself; Meditate this within yourself. ||Verse 254|| – Vivekachudamani,

Returning to the void is the great goal. Which is beyond conceptualization. The funny thing about this is that you are already part of this divine force, everything is a manifestation of whatever the ground of being is.

The only difference being is that they believe we are in a cycle of karma, which bounds us up and keeps us in life. So contrary to the Judeo-Christian belief system where the goal is to reach the kingdom of heaven in death, the goal is to go back to the void in Hinduism.

I don’t propose that this is true, only that it’s useful to look at and contemplate as it grounds us back to the reality that we are an expression of the ground of being. Maybe it means something, or perhaps it exists only to let existence thrive.  Regardless, we are here, and although some may feel disconnected, it’s impossible to ever truly be separate from this universe.

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