• What is this website all about? It offers all unbiased information for developing a strong mind/body connection. There’s also philosophy where there’s insights into current events and interesting ideas. The goal is to publish clear information to help spread the truth about multiple topics.Giving people tools to understand and implement useful information.


  • What’s the catch? No catch, no products are sponsored and no agendas are pushed. The goal is to be as honest as possible. Hopefully, with enough traction and if users find it worthwhile they can share the site or pitch in through a Donation.


  • What makes you qualified? I’ve been hired for writing jobs that required deep research on different topics and I have a long standing interest in physical and mental health. Everything I publish is deeply researched, and if research is lacking, it will be made publicly clear.


  • Where should I begin? Feel free to visit the front page for the most recent blogs, you can also look at the headings to find a specific topic of your interest.


  • What should I know about you? This blog is operated by a single writer, and through recent years I’ve decided to make it my mission to spread truth, or at least, point the way. I’ve been a part of major companies that often use marketing to trick people and I’ve felt the need to spread true backed information for people to read about.  I hope with “Avid Beast” people will be able to make improvements as I think it’s essential we help each others, but first starting with the individual. A key principal that I’ve found useful is to hold myself accountable first before judging the world.
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